DISNEY CARS STORY SETS - Piston Cup Speedway Bundle

  • £45.99

Bundle consists of the Piston Cup playset and Mack playset.
Use the launcher to send multiple cars racing around the figure eight track - just like they do in the movie! As the cars zip around the track, they cause the disc at the top to spin, which triggers different race outcomes.
When you are ready to brave the Piston Cup course, switch the diverter and launch Lightning McQueen out towards the winner's circle. Skill is everything: time it wrong and you go flying out of the set; time it right and the champ will hit the winner's circle, which then transforms the set into a giant Piston Cup with the victor at the top! The Piston Cup can also be removed and displayed alongside your winning vehicle.
The Mack transporter features multiple play areas: big screen TV lounge with Lightning McQueen's trophies, car washing area, a working lift, a viewing deck and a gas pump.
Mack's cab can also be detached from the trailer for more push around play
When the day and night's drives are done, roll Lightning McQueen inside and fold Mack back up for easy storage
  • Connects to other story sets products (sold separately)
  • Designed to work with most 1:55 scale cars
  • Two vehicles included